Sergey Tikhomirov

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Oxytocin neurotropic qualities were investigated in "reserpine depression" tests under ethanol and levomepromazine anesthesia, phenamine depression, haloperidol catatonia and swimming of experimental animals in the cylinder. Twenty seven patients with schizophrenia were treated with the hormone mentioned, injected intravenously and/or intranasally, using a(More)
We study speeds of fronts in bistable, spatially inhomogeneous media at parameter regimes where speeds approach zero. We provide a set of conceptual assumptions under which we can prove power-law asymp-totics for the speed, with exponent depending a local dimension of the ergodic measure near extremal values. We also show that our conceptual assumptions are(More)
We prove that for any closed manifold of dimension 3 or greater there is an open set of smooth flows that have a hyper-bolic set that is not contained in a locally maximal one. Additionally , we show that the stabilization of the shadowing closure of a hyperbolic set is an intrinsic property for premaximality. Lastly, we review some results due to Anosov(More)
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