Sergey Smolskiy

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The results of signal peculiarities’ investigation of an autodyne short-range radar system with linear frequency modulation for the moving reflecting object are described. The autodyne signal plots are obtained for the cases when its period duration is much longer than delay time of the reflected emission as well as for the cases when this inequality is not(More)
Analysis results of coupling degree influence of the autodyne oscillator with an antenna are presented together with influence of the impedance characteristic type (soft or rigid) of the active element on the coefficients of autodyne amplification, autodyne frequency deviation and power transfer as well as on the noise parameters and characteristics.(More)
The autodyne characteristics are oifered to use for steady-state stability analysis of the UHF oscillators. Theoretical substantiation of the proposed method is performed on an example of the oscillating system's mathematical model presented in the form of two mutually-locked partial oscillators under a condition of strong coupling between them.(More)
Analysis results of autodyne signals of the double-diode oscillator, which is under influence of the proper reflected emission from the moving object, are presented. The analysis is performed on the base of the autodyne mathematical model presented in the form of a system of two mutually-locked partial oscillators under condition of strong mutual coupling.(More)
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