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The polymorphism at position -308 of the TNF-alpha gene promoter was analyzed in three ethnic groups and in patients with infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis from Bashkortostan. No interethnic difference in allele or genotype frequency distribution was observed. The frequency of allele TNF2 in tuberculosis patients was significantly higher than in controls(More)
Insertion polymorphism Ins96 of the CYP2E1 promoter region was for the first time studied in three ethnic groups of Bashkortostan. Population-specific features of genotype and allele frequency distributions were observed. The CYP2E1 polymorphism was associated with infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis in the Bashkortostan population.
We carried out a systematic study of immunotropic activity of John's wort on the level of integrated fractions including all basic active substances of this plant. Both types of substances capable of increasing and suppressing the immunity were found in John's wort. Polyphenol fraction exhibits the immunostimulating activity with respect to the system of(More)
Experiments were conducted on mices to study the effect of strain MRe-600 Escherichia coli endotoxin, rifampicin, and their combination at the level of cytochrome p-450, b5, aminopyrine N-demethylase and aniline-r-hydroxylase activity in the liver, absorptive activity and oxygen dependent metabolism of macrophages, and free-radical processes in the liver.(More)
The effect of immunomodulating therapy of adjuvant disease in rats with cyclophosphamide, prodigiozan and their combinations on infection resistance, weight of the lymphoid organs and leukocyte counts in peripheral blood, as well as the effect of prodigiozan on acute toxicity of cyclophosphamide in intact mice and mice exposed to the Freund's complete(More)
The effect of some immunostimulants (bacterial lipopolysaccharide prodigiosan, active thymic peptide T-activin, synthetic compound levamisole) on the anti-infection resistance and metabolic function of the liver (hexobarbital sleeping-time) was studied on noninbred male mice. It was found that when administered in doses and under schedules that protected(More)
Data on the apoptosis phenomenon with enterobacteria used as a model are presented. One of the mechanisms regulating the vital activity of eukaryotic cells is, together with cell proliferation and differentiation, the phenomenon known as "apoptosis". This physiological process of the eukaryotic cells death is used by many parasites in parasite--host(More)
The effect of prodigiozan and methyluracil on the development of adjuvant arthritis was studied on 120 noninbred albino rats. When prodigiozan was used in a dose of 50 micrograms per 100 g of the body weight once every 4 days beginning from the 1st to the 12th day after the injection of the complete Freund adjuvant, it inhibited the development of arthritis(More)
The effects of ladasten on the activation-induced expression of Fas-receptor on T-lymphocytes, their sensitivity to Fas-induced apoptosis, and the expression of mitogen-activated ERKI/ERK2 protein kinases have been studied. In the range of concentrations 0.1-10 microM, ladasten exhibited a comitogenic effect on the TCR-mediated stimulation of T-lymhocytes(More)