Sergey Shestak

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A multichannel acousto-optic Bragg cell was made by the joining of acousto-optic cells that have the shape of symmetrical trapezoidal prisms. This acousto-optic Bragg cell has an aperture length equal to the sum of its component acousto-optic cells but has an aperture time equal to that of each acousto-optic cell. We tested the performance of the(More)
We have devised a full-resolution stereoscopic television system incorporating both a patterned retarder and active glasses. Selective vision of the left image by the left eye and the right image by the right eye is achieved by a conventional combination of a patterned retarder and left and right polarized filters. Full resolution is provided by the active(More)
The main drawback of the use of transmission-type holographic screens is poor color reproduction caused by their high spectral dispersion. For overcoming this drawback, a long, narrow diffusing slit is used as an object when recording the screen. The necessary size and position of the slit relative to the photoplate and to the recording and reconstruction(More)
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