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Due to irregular operations, the crew cost at the end of a month is typically substantially higher than the projected crew cost in planning. We assume that the fleeting and the aircraft routing decisions have already been made. We present a model and a solution methodology that produces robust crew schedules in planning. Besides the objective of minimizing(More)
While the airline industry has benefited from advancements made in advanced analytical OR methods, most products used in operation stem from the frictionless environment of the planning stage. With 22% of all flights being delayed and 3% being canceled in the U.S. since 2001, schedule perturbations are inevitable. The complexity of the operational(More)
This paper addresses two concerns with the state of the art in network revenue management with dependent demands. The first concern is that the basic attraction model (BAM), of which the multinomial logit (MNL) model is a special case, tends to overestimate demand recapture in practice. The second concern is that the choice based deterministic linear(More)
We investigate the convex hull of the set defined by a single inequality with continuous and binary variables with variable upper bound constraints. We extend the traditional flow cover inequality, and show that it is valid for a restriction of the set in which some variables are fixed. We also give conditions under which this inequality is facet-defining(More)
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