Sergey S Kozlov

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A combined DSC-SAXS approach was employed to study the effects of amylose and phosphate esters on the assembly structures of amylopectin in B-type polymorphic potato tuber starches. Amylose and phosphate levels in the starches were specifically engineered by antisense suppression of the granule bound starch synthase (GBSS) and the glucan water dikinase(More)
Antibody titres were examined in patients suffering from Central Asian tick-borne borreliosis by means of indirect immunofluorescence. In acute period of the disease and in early convalescence period a rapid increase of antibody titres was observed; they were still increasing even after clinical recovery. The maximum titres (1:320) were marked in 1.5 months(More)
190 An important problem of modern science is to eluu cidate the mechanisms of the effect of ultraweak chemical and physical effects on biological systems of different complexity. We have previously found that a number of biologically active substances (BASs), including antioxidants of natural and synthetic origin used in ultralow concentrations (<10 –11 M)(More)
A total of 1500 people, including 1273 children with various gastrointestinal tract diseases and 327 patients with chronic viral hepatitis C, were examined. Microscopy and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) were used to determine Blastocystis in the feces. Blastocysts were detected in 33% of the patients with chronic viral hepatitis C and in 4.9% of the(More)
Trichinosis was experimentally induced in rats. The morphology of encystation of Trichinella larvae was studied in the striated muscles. The efficacy of albendazole was evaluated in different intensity of Trichinella larvae infestation in the striated muscles of the laboratory animals. Encystation was shown to cease at 21 days. Albendazole showed high(More)