Sergey R. Tiourine

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Over the past decade, airlines have become more concerned with developing an optimal flight schedule, with very little slack left to accommodate for any form of variation from the optimal solution. During operation the planned schedules often have to be revised due to disruptions caused by for example severe weather, technical problems and crew sickness.(More)
Starting from a high surface free-energy state, lipid nanotube networks are capable to self-organize into tree-like structures with particular geometrical features. In this work we analyze the process of self-organization in such networks, and report a strong similarity to the Euclidian Steiner Tree Problem (ESTP). ESTP is a well-known NP-hard optimization(More)
We consider the radio link frequency assignment problem, and obtain lower bounds by deening appropriate relaxations of the problem. We have used the results to estimate the performance of local search methods for the radio link frequency assignment problem developed earlier. These approximation algorithms are described in the technical annex to report 2.3.3.
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