Sergey Pankratov

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In this paper, we propose a symbolic-numerical algorithm for collision-free placement and motion of an object avoiding collisions with obstacles. The algorithm is based on the combination of configuration space and energy approaches. According to the configuration space approach, the position and orientation of the geometric object to be moved or placed is(More)
The gap equation in the S0-channel is solved for a nuclear slab with the separable form of the Paris potential. The gap equation is considered in the model space in terms of the effective pairing interaction which is found in the complementary subspace. The absolute value of the gap ∆ turned out to be very sensitive to the cutoff Kmax in the momentum space(More)
Ab initio gap equation for S0 pairing in a nuclear slab is solved for the Argonne v18 NN -potential. The gap function is compared in detail with the one found previously for the separable form of the Paris potential. The difference between the two gaps turned out to be about 10%. Dependence of the gap on the chemical potential μ is analyzed.
This article considers e-democracy as a socio-political resource and technology of the etatist model of Russian modernization. Based on the results of theoretical and empirical studies the article reveals the positive / negative factors affecting the legitimacy of public authorities and governance, Russian citizens' involvement in the political(More)
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