Sergey P Kovalenko

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Frequencies of the 5382insC mutation in the BRCA1 gene and the 1100delC mutation in the CHEK2 gene were compared in the group of breast cancer patients and the large-scale sample, consisting of 7920 DNA specimens from healthy residents of the city of Novosibirsk. Higher frequencies of these mutations in the patient group compared to the control sample(More)
Although the probability of both parents being affected by BRCA1 mutations is not negligible, such families have not been systematically described in the literature. Here we present a large breast-ovarian cancer family, where 3 sisters and 1 half-sister inherited maternal BRCA1 5382insC mutation while the remaining 2 sisters carried paternal BRCA1 1629delC(More)
In 25–30% of cases of breast cancer tumors, the amplification of the chromosome fragment around ERBB2 underlies the increased expression of genes adjacent to ERBB2. The increased expression of genes within ERBB2-containing amplicons may impact not only the growth and development of the tumor, but also the sensitivity of the tumor to different types of(More)
The concept of parcel mapping goes as far back as ancient China, Egypt and Babylonia (Goodwin 1994, 20). In colonial North America, the most common techniques of keeping track of land ownership were surveying and deed registration, but not actual parcel mapping. As a result, prior to 1950 most towns in New England referenced land parcels within the town by(More)
The introduction of foreign peptides into alkaline phosphatase that have a minimal influence on the enzymatic activity of a protein is described in the work. Calculated based on the methods of molecular dynamics the longest surface loops of alkaline phosphatase, which are not adjacent to both active center of a dimeric enzyme and contact surface between its(More)
The technique for detecting frameshift and nonsense mutations in the human BRCA1 gene has been suggested. The technique presumes the construction of recombinant plasmids where the tested DNA fragment is placed in frame with alkaline phosphatase gene of Escherichia coli (phoA). A special plasmid pPhoA-frame was constructed for this analysis, and the plasmid(More)
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