Sergey N. Maximoff

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During the formation of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), metal centres can coordinate with the intended organic linkers, but also with solvent molecules. In this case, subsequent activation by removal of the solvent molecules creates unsaturated 'open' metal sites known to have a strong affinity for CO(2) molecules, but their interactions are still poorly(More)
The air-free reaction between FeCl(2) and H(4)dobdc (dobdc(4-) = 2,5-dioxido-1,4-benzenedicarboxylate) in a mixture of N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) and methanol affords Fe(2)(dobdc)·4DMF, a metal-organic framework adopting the MOF-74 (or CPO-27) structure type. The desolvated form of this material displays a Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area of 1360(More)
We benchmark the performance of 20 approximate density functionals for the calculation of one-bond carbon-hydrogen NMR spin-spin coupling constants (SSCCs). These functionals range from the simplest local-spin density approximation to novel meta-generalized gradient approximation and hybrid density functionals. Our testing set consists of 72 diverse(More)
The accuracy and effectiveness of various kinetic-energy functionals in providing total noninteracting kinetic energies, atomization kinetic energies, and equilibrium properties is evaluated. Employing converged Kohn-Sham densities, we assess various kinetic-energy functionals in a non-self-consistent manner. It is found that the gradient expansion, the(More)
Metal-organic frameworks are nano-porous adsorbents of relevance to gas separation and catalysis, and separation of oxygen from air is essential to diverse industrial applications. The ferrous salt of 2,5-dihydroxy-terephthalic acid, a metal-organic framework of the MOF74 family, can selectively adsorb oxygen in a manner that defies the classical picture:(More)
Human DNA polymerase λ is an intermediate fidelity member of the X family, which plays a role in DNA repair. Recent X-ray diffraction structures of a ternary complex of a loop-deletion mutant of polymerase λ, a deoxyguanosine triphosphate analogue, and a gapped DNA show that guanine and thymine form a mutagenic mispair with an unexpected Watson-Crick-like(More)
A chemicurrent is a flux of fast (kinetic energy approximately > 0.5-1.3 eV) metal electrons caused by moderately exothermic (1-3 eV) chemical reactions over high work function (4-6 eV) metal surfaces. In this report, the relation between chemicurrent and surface chemistry is elucidated with a combination of top-down phenomenology and bottom-up atomic-scale(More)
The probability current density is used in addition to the electron density and its gradient as a variable in the construction of an exchange-correlation functional. Starting from the Perdew-Burke-Ernzerhof generalized gradient approximation, we employ exact conditions to build a nonempirical exchange functional. Matching the correlation functional to that(More)
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