Sergey Moskovtsev

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A diverse pool of RNAs remain encapsulated within the transcriptionally silent spermatozoon despite the dramatic reduction in cellular and nuclear volume following cytoplasm/nucleoplasm expulsion. The impact of this pronounced restructuring on the distribution of transcripts inside the sperm essentially remains unknown. To define their compartmentalization,(More)
Gonadal failure, along with early pregnancy loss and perinatal death, may be an important filter that limits the propagation of harmful mutations in the human population. We hypothesized that men with spermatogenic impairment, a disease with unknown genetic architecture and a common cause of male infertility, are enriched for rare deleterious mutations(More)
BACKGROUND First trimester (FTM) and term human umbilical cord-derived perivascular cells (HUCPVCs), which are rich sources of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), can give rise to Sertoli cell (SC)-like as well as haploid germ cell (GC)-like cells in vitro using culture conditions that recapitulate the testicular niche. Gamete-like cells have been produced ex(More)
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