Sergey L. Vinogradov

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Pluronic block copolymers are recognized pharmaceutical excipients listed in the US and British Pharmacopoeia. They have been used extensively in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations including delivery of low molecular mass drugs and polypeptides. This review describes novel applications of Pluronic block copolymers in gene therapy. In particular, these(More)
Previously, we reported the evaluation of several polyplex-based gene delivery systems with respect to their effectiveness, toxicity, and cell type dependence in vitro. One system, P123-g-PEI(2K), a cationic graft block copolymer, is of particular interest as it has been demonstrated to successfully deliver genetic material to murine liver following(More)
— Control functionality of modern rail vehicles is getting more and more complex. It contains several modules such as the traction control unit or the central control unit, as well as input and output stations, such as driver's cab terminals and process I/Os. A plethora of devices are connected to the vehicle and train bus and are able to communicate. The(More)
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