Sergey Guenender

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Seamless cloud interoperability is highly desired but not yet easily attainable in the current cloud solutions market. This work tackles one aspect of achieving cloud interoperability, namely, inter-cloud networking. We list the requirements and propose an inter-cloud networking architecture for a case of independent clouds owned by different entities and(More)
Machine virtualization has emerged as a key technology for server consolidation and on-demand server provisioning. To support this trend, it is essential to improve the performance of virtualization software and hence enable the efficient running of many virtual machines. We present a virtualization system that can dynamically extend the real memory of its(More)
Overlay network virtualization quickly gains traction in today's multi-tenant data centers due to its ability to provide independent virtual networks, at scale, along with complete isolation from the underlying physical network. Despite the benefits, performance degradation due to the imposed perpacket encapsulation overhead is a serious impediment. (More)
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