Sergey Gavrilov

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High-performance digital circuits are facing increasingly severe signal integrity problems due to crosstalk noise and therefore the state-of-the-art static timing analysis (STA) methods consider crosstalk-induced delay variation. Current noise-aware STA methods compute noise-induced delay uncertainty for each net independently and annotate appropriate delay(More)
Cross-coupled noise analysis has become a critical concern in today's VLSI designs. Typically, noise analysis makes an assumption that all aggressing nets can simultaneously switch in the same direction. This creates a worst-case noise pulse on the victim net that often leads to false noise violations. In this paper, we present a new approach that uses(More)
Traditional synthesis techniques optimize CMOS circuits in two phases: i) logic minimization and ii) library mapping phase. Typically, the structures and the sizes of the gates in the library are chosen to yield good synthesis results over many blocks or even for an entire chip. Consequently this approach precludes an optimal design of individual blocks(More)
Hot springs are natural habitats for thermophilic Archaea and Bacteria. In this paper, we present the metagenomic analysis of eight globally distributed terrestrial hot springs from China, Iceland, Italy, Russia, and the USA with a temperature range between 61 and 92 ∘C and pH between 1.8 and 7. A comparison of the biodiversity and community composition(More)
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a system-wide, patient-centric electronic medical record system (EMR) within which the authors developed the Clinical Case Registries (CCR) to support population-centric delivery and evaluation of VA medical care. To date, the authors have applied the CCR to populations with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and(More)
High-performance digital circuits are facing increasingly severe noise problems due to cross-coupled noise injection. Traditionally, noise analysis tools use the conservative assumption that all neighbors of a net can switch simultaneously, thereby producing the worst-case noise on a net. However, due to the logic correlations in the circuit, this(More)
Progress in semiconductor process technology has made SOItransistors one of the most promising candidates for high performanceand low power designs. With smaller diffusion capacitances,SOI transistors switch significantly faster than theirtraditional bulk MOS counterparts and consume less power perswitching. However, design and simulation of SOI MOS(More)
Melioribacter roseus is a moderately thermophilic facultatively anaerobic organotrophic bacterium representing a novel deep branch within Bacteriodetes/Chlorobi group. To better understand the metabolic capabilities and possible ecological functions of M. roseus and get insights into the evolutionary history of this bacterial lineage, we sequenced the(More)