Sergey Gashchak

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An IAEA handbook presenting transfer parameter values for wildlife has recently been produced. Concentration ratios (CRwo-media) between the whole organism (fresh weight) and either soil (dry weight) or water were collated for a range of wildlife groups (classified taxonomically and by feeding strategy) in terrestrial, freshwater, marine and brackish(More)
Bats are a protected species and as such may be an object of protection in radiological assessments of the environment. However, there have previously been only few radioecological studies of species of bats. In this paper, results for >140 measurements of (90)Sr and (137)Cs in 10 species of bats collected within the Chernobyl zone are presented. There was(More)
1 Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK 2 Stirling University, UK 3 International Atomic Energy Agency 4 Saskatchewan Research Council, Canada 5 Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, Norway 6 Oregon State University, USA 7 Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Australia 8 Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Canada 9 Belgian Nuclear(More)
In summer 1993 we measured the transfer of (239/240)Pu to milk from herbage from a pasture located 5 km from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In one treatment cows were allowed to graze freely on the pasture. In a second treatment, cows were fed herbage collected from the pasture in stalls. The milk transfer coefficient; F(m) did not vary significantly(More)
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