Sergey D Korkin

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The Collection 6 (C6) MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) land and atmosphere data sets are scheduled for release in 2014. C6 contains significant revisions of the calibration approach to account for sensor aging. This analysis documents the presence of systematic temporal trends in the visible and near-infrared (500 m) bands of the(More)
We report a new publicly available radiative transfer (RT) code for numerical simulation of polarized light scattering in plane-parallel atmosphere of the Earth. Using 44 benchmark tests, we prove high accuracy of the new RT code, SORD (Successive ORDers of scattering ). We describe capabilities of SORD and show run time for each test on two different(More)
New stereoregular cyclic polysilanols of the general formula [PhSi(O)OH]n (n = 6 and 12) have been selectively obtained in high yields by the reaction of cagelike oligophenylmetallasiloxanes with dilute solutions of hydrochloric acid at low temperatures. An alternative method was used to prepare cis-[PhSi(O)OH](4) from sodium phenylsiloxanolate,(More)
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