Sergey Borovikov

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Integral curves, such as streamlines, streaklines, pathlines, and timelines, are an essential tool in the analysis of vector field structures, offering straightforward and intuitive interpretation of visualization results. While such curves have a long-standing tradition in vector field visualization, their application to Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR)(More)
Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR) is a highly effective method for simulations spanning a large range of spatiotemporal scales such as those encountered in astrophysical simulations. Combining research in novel AMR visualization algorithms and basic infrastructure work, the Department of Energy’s (DOEs) Science Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC)(More)
Problem of tetrahedral meshing of three-dimensional domains whose boundaries are curved surfaces is wide open. Traditional approach consists in an approximation of curved boundaries by piecewise linear boundaries before mesh generation. As the result mesh quality may deteriorate. This paper presents a technique for Delaunay-based tetrahedralization in which(More)
Flows of partially ionized plasma are frequently characterized by the presence of both thermal and nonthermal populations of ions. This occurs, e. g., in the outer heliosphere -- the part of interstellar space beyond the solar system whose properties are determined by the solar wind (SW) interaction with the local interstellar medium (LISM). Understanding(More)
This paper proposes the modeling automatic load-frequency control system implemented in the Hybrid real time simulator of electric power system (HRTSim). HRTSim developed for different simulation tasks does not impose any restrictions on the application of mathematical models and allows reproducing spectrum of normal, emergency and post-emergency processes(More)
The results of development and research of an universal (adaptable) mathematical model of hydraulic and steam prime movers of generators of electric power systems are presented in the paper. The created model allows modeling the continuous spectrum of processes in any particular type of these prime movers with the high completeness and adequacy, which is(More)
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