Sergey Berdyshev

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AIM To investigate whether diagnostic data from implanted cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds) retrieved automatically at 24 h intervals via a Home Monitoring function can enable dynamic prediction of cardiovascular hospitalization and death. METHODS AND RESULTS Three hundred and seventy-seven heart failure patients received CRT-Ds(More)
A method for monitoring left ventricular (LV) volume changes of the human heart by intracardiac impedance measurement was developed. In order to model this method, we simulated the ventricular contraction using a finite-element model (FEM). The myocardium comprised three layers with anatomical fiber orientation. During excitation propagation contraction(More)
The electromagnetic (EM) field mathematical model of the metal-dielectric strip waveguide (MDSW) is presented, considering the losses of the dielectric stick and substrate. MDSW field distribution is four subwave superposition of waves in the waveguide substrate. Theoretical investigation was carried out according to obtained field mathematical model. The(More)
The formalism of wave propagation in passive media is applied to the spread of the electrical excitation in the human atrial myocardium. From an analog of the classical dispersion dependence that is obtained by wavelet decomposition a precursor parameter is calculated that serves to predict fibrillation already before its onset.
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