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The results of studies on the developmental EEG dynamics in children with long-term effects of perinatal CNS pathology are presented. The most common EEG types have been identified, and the differences in their distribution in normal and abnormal mental development were shown. On the basis of the results of a longitudinal study, early markers of the risk of(More)
The frontal midline Θ rhythm in the GO/NOGO paradigm was studied in a group of apparently healthy children at ages of 7–13 years. Calculated event-related synchronization in response to stimulus presentation in tests was used as an index of the phasic component, and the relative change in the EEG power in the Θ band (compared to the activity in the state of(More)
The paper considers methodology of calculation of failure rate and remaining life time of the industrial enterprise equipment. It offers time characteristics of the failure rate for non-restorable and restorable items. Analytical dependences for calculation of the simple reliability indexes under conditions of the limited information on the failure number(More)
Focal potentials (FP) in segments L6–L7 of the ventral horn, evoked by stimulation of the motor cortex with series of stimuli of threshold magnitude for the flexor nerve response, were studied in acute experiments on cats. Appreciable differences were found to exist between the FP arising in the medial zone (layer VIII of Rexed) and those in the inner and(More)