Sergey Alekseyevich Evdokimov

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271 In order to assess the degree of maturity of a child's ageerelated biorhythm structure, the αrhythm forr mation values are used in many neurophysiological studies [1–4]. In our communication I [5], it was shown that the maturity markers for neurologically healthy children identified by Lukashevich et al. [6– 10] have no full correspondence in the(More)
The paper considers methodology of calculation of failure rate and remaining life time of the industrial enterprise equipment. It offers time characteristics of the failure rate for non-restorable and restorable items. Analytical dependences for calculation of the simple reliability indexes under conditions of the limited information on the failure number(More)
Postsynaptic potentials (PSPs) evoked by stimulation of contralateral motor cortex with trains of square stimuli were recorded intracellularly in cat lumbar motoneurons. The influence of number of stimuli in a train and of interval between them upon amplitude, duration and latency of PSPs, was analysed. Rise of stimuli frequency in a train of constant(More)
Using a complex methodological approach based on intravitam microscopy of a specimen of the motor region of the cat cortex, we studied the relations between the variation in the bioelectric activity of the pyramidal neurons and the state of their redox systems for short-term anoxia. A general pattern of reaction of "silent" and background-active neurons is(More)