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Coupling of the functional stability of rat myocardium and activity of lipid peroxidation processes in combined development of postinfarction remodeling and diabetes mellitus has been studied. The(More)
We studied the presence of colony-forming cells in cell culture from rat heart 40 days after experimental myocardial infraction. The mean cellularity in this pathology was 12±8 cell/cm2, which is(More)
We studied the force--interval relationship of human myocardium in coronary artery d isease (CAD) and CAD with concomitant diabetes mellitus and evaluated its dependence on the level of expression of(More)
The association of polymorphism T-786C of the endothelial NO-synthase gene NOS3 with the functional state of the left ventricle (LV) was studied among residents of the West Siberian region with(More)