Sergey A. Suslov

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On the basis of simultaneous measurement of the rheosubcorticogram, polarogram, intracerebral pressure (ICP), ECoG and subcorticogram in patients with electrodes and sensors implanted in the brain, it was established that with the development of the seizure a rapidly reversible growth in the amplitude of deep rheoencephalogram, pO2 and ICP occurs beginning(More)
A lubrication model describes the dynamics of a thin layer of fluid spreading over a solid substrate. But to make forecasts we need to supply correct initial conditions to the model. Remarkably, the initial fluid thickness is not the correct initial thickness for the lubrication model. Theory recently developed in [12, 14] provides the correct projection of(More)
Similarity solutions play an important role in many fields of science. The recent book of Barenblatt [2] discusses many examples. Often, outstanding unresolved issues are whether a similarity solution is dynamically attractive, and if it is, to what particular solution does the system evolve. By recasting the dynamic problem in a form to which centre(More)
The nonlinear dynamic behavior of microscopic bubbles near a rigid wall is investigated. Oscillations are driven by the ultrasonic pressure field that arises in various biomedical applications such as ultrasound imaging or targeted drug delivery. It is known that, when bubbles approach a blood-vessel wall, their linear dynamic response is modified. This(More)
The onset and decay of convection in a spherical cavity filled with ferromagnetic nanofluid and heated from below are investigated experimentally. It is found that, unlike in a single-component Newtonian fluid where stationary convection sets in as a result of supercritical bifurcation and where convection intensity increases continuously with the degree of(More)
Nonlinear (non-Boussinesq) variations in fluid's density, viscosity, and thermal conductivity caused by a large temperature gradient in a flow domain lead to a wide variety of instability phenomena in mixed convection channel flow of a simple gas such as air. It is known that in strongly nonisothermal flows, the instabilities and the resulting flow patterns(More)
Appraisal of the results of surgical treatment of 7 patients with arterial aneurysms of the carotid channel convinced the authors of the useful applicability of extra-intracranial anastomosis in occlusion of the cerebral arteries. The anastomosis provides for adequate compensation of circulation in the brain in occlusion of not only the internal carotid(More)