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A lubrication model describes the dynamics of a thin layer of fluid spreading over a solid substrate. But to make forecasts we need to supply correct initial conditions to the model. Remarkably, the initial fluid thickness is not the correct initial thickness for the lubrication model. Theory recently developed in [12, 14] provides the correct projection of(More)
Similarity solutions play an important role in many fields of science. The recent book of Barenblatt [2] discusses many examples. Often, outstanding unresolved issues are whether a similarity solution is dynamically attractive, and if it is, to what particular solution does the system evolve. By recasting the dynamic problem in a form to which centre(More)
We demonstrate that laser peening coupled with sintering of CdTe nanowire films substantially enhances film quality and charge transfer while largely maintaining basic particle morphology. During the laser peening phase, a shockwave is used to compress the film. Laser sintering comprises the second step, where a nanosecond pulse laser beam welds the(More)
The effect of diameter variation on electrical characteristics of long-channel InAs nanowire metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors is experimentally investigated. For a range of nanowire diameters, in which significant band gap changes are observed due to size quantization, the Schottky barrier heights between source/drain metal contacts and(More)
CNTs reinforced metal composites has great potential due to their superior properties, such as light weight, high strength, low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity. The current strengthening mechanisms of CNT/metal composite mainly rely on CNTs' interaction with dislocations and CNT's intrinsic high strength. Here we demonstrated that laser(More)
We report on experimentally observed addition, subtraction and cancellation of orbital angular momentum (OAM) in the process of parametric four-wave mixing that results in frequency up-and down-converted emission in Rb vapour. Specific features of OAM transfer from resonant laser fields with different optical topological charges to the spatially and(More)
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