Sergey A. Shershakov

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—Volume of the data information system operate has been rapidly increasing. Data logs have long been known, as they are a useful tool to solve a range of tasks. The amount of information that is written to a log during a specified length of time leads to the so-called problem of " big data ". Process-aware information systems (PAIS) allow developing models(More)
Process mining is a new direction in the field of modeling and analysis of processes, where an important role is played by the use of information from event logs that describe the history of the system behavior. Methods and approaches used in process mining are often based on various heuristics, and experiments with large event logs are crucial for(More)
Transition systems are a powerful formalism, which is widely used for process model representation. A number of approaches were proposed in the process mining field to tackle the problem of constructing transition systems from event logs. Existing approaches discover transition systems that are either too large or too small. In this paper we propose an(More)
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