Sergey A. Marchenkov

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The SmartRoom system provides a set of services for assisting collaborative activity when many participants are physically present in the same room. The SmartRoom service intelligence is due to the use of diverse sources of information on ongoing activity. One promising source is information on user presence and network activity of the participants. In this(More)
The SmartRoom system is a service-oriented application for assisting such collaboration activity as conference or meeting in a room equipped with computing and presentational devices and Internet access. The development is open source and based on the Smart-M3 platform. In this paper, we consider advanced scenarios for SmartRoom to enhance the latter with(More)
Smart spaces support development of advanced service-oriented applications that introduce intelligence into Internet of Things environments. Current development meets the performance challenge, since the intelligence is achieved by the cost of performance. In this paper, we experimentally study a representative application for smart spaces - the SmartRoom(More)
The use of wireless technologies is now inevitable in smart spaces development for Internet of Things. A smart space is created by deploying a Semantic Information Broker (SIB) on a host device. This demo studies the opportunities of a wireless router as a SIB host device. CuteSIB is one of SIB implementations of the Smart-M3 platform and focus is on(More)
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