Sergey A Guda

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Accurate modeling of the X-ray absorption near-edge spectra (XANES) is required to unravel the local structure of metal sites in complex systems and their structural changes upon chemical or light stimuli. Two relevant examples are reported here concerning the following: (i) the effect of molecular adsorption on 3d metals hosted inside metal-organic(More)
We present a new ab initio way to calculate X-ray Raman scattering spectra within the independent electron approximation. Our approach avoids any approximation about the shape of the used potential and leads to good agreement between experiment and theory. We show that the momentum transfer dependence in two typical cases, the F K-edge in LiF and the B and(More)
We study the spectral problems for the spatially periodic flows of inviscid incompressible fluid. The basic flows under consideration are the shear flows whose profiles oscillate on high frequencies. For such flows, we present asymptotic expansions of the unstable eigenvalues in the case when the limit spectral problem has multiple eigenvalues.
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