Sergey A. Evdokimov

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271 In order to assess the degree of maturity of a child's ageerelated biorhythm structure, the αrhythm forr mation values are used in many neurophysiological studies [1–4]. In our communication I [5], it was shown that the maturity markers for neurologically healthy children identified by Lukashevich et al. [6– 10] have no full correspondence in the(More)
Background: Cultural neuroscience is an emerging research field concerned with studying the influences of different cultures on brain anatomy and function. In this study, we examined whether different cultural or genetic influences might influence the resting state electroencephalogram (EEG) in young children (mean age 10 years) from Switzerland and Saudi(More)
We investigated the possibility to classify data from patients with different psychiatric disorders on the base of physiological measures of the brain activity. Event-related potentials during the execution of GO/NOGO task were recorded from age matched groups of patients with schizophrenia, major depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Separation of(More)
Baseline EEGs in the frequency range of 3–13 Hz in children with mental disorders of perinatal origin during wakefulness with the eyes open were analyzed using independent component analysis. In cases of severe mental retardation, a significant increase in the power density spectra of the θ band was revealed in the left-sided frontotemporal and right-sided(More)
The method of independent components within the range of 3-13 Hz was used for the analysis of EEG of the children with psychic abnormalities of perinatal origin. The research was undertaken while children were keeping awake with open eyes. In cases of harder developmental delay it was revealed a significant rise of θ-range power spectrum in frontal-temporal(More)
This research represents EEG - investigation by children with remote consequences of perinatal CNS pathology. Its described the different EEG types in normal and mental disorders in children. Its showed a early EEG - markers of abnormal ontogenesis in longitudinal study. The data obtained gives to prevent a negative dynamic of mental and speech development(More)