Sergejus Ivanikovas

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The aim of the article is to choose algorithms suited for optimal placement of piles in real grillages by performing experimental comparison of different global optimization algorithms. The comparison includes several algorithms: random search, metaheuristics (simulated annealing and genetic algorithm) and local optimization combined with random search. The(More)
This paper presents the visualization of large datasets with SAMANN algorithm using clustering methods for initial dataset reduction for the network training. The visualization of multidimensional data is highly important in data mining because recent applications produce large amount of data that need specific means for the knowledge discovery. One of the(More)
In order to increase the efficiency of employees’ activities, a Web-based Biometric Mouse Decision Support System for User’s Emotional and Labour Productivity Analysis (MDSS-UELPA) was developed by the authors. MDSS-UELPA consists of seven subsystems: Data Capture and Collection Subsystem, Feature Extraction Subsystem, Database Management Subsystem,(More)
This paper describes the Web-based Biometric Mouse Intelligent (WBMI) System developed by the authors for measuring and analysis of user’s emotions and labour productivity with a biometric mouse. The research included development of the WBMI System, which works in the background and is able to assess user‘s emotional state and labour productivity during(More)
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