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Modern nanotechnology allows one to scale down various important devices ͑sensors, chips, fibers, etc.͒ and thus opens up new horizons for their applications. The efficiency of most of them is based on fundamental physical phenomena, such as transport of wave excitations and resonances. Short propagation distances make phase-coherent processes of waves(More)
We report on the observation of spatially localized excitations in a ladder of small Josephson junctions. The excitations are whirling states which persist under a spatially homogeneous force due to the bias current. These states of the ladder are visualized using a low temperature scanning laser microscopy. We also compute breather solutions with high(More)
We consider the classical dynamics of a particle in a one-dimensional space-periodic potential U (x) under the influence of a time-periodic space-homogeneous external field E(t). This nonintegrable system allows for both quasiperiodic and chaotic solutions in time. If the field is neither symmetric E(t + t 0) = E(−t + t 0) for any t 0 nor antisymmetric(More)
We consider a discrete model that describes a linear chain of particles coupled to a single-site defect with instantaneous Kerr nonlinearity. We show that this model can be regarded as a nonlinear generalization of the familiar Fano-Anderson model and it can generate amplitude-dependent bistable resonant transmission or reflection. We identify these effects(More)
We develop a general mapping from given kink or pulse shaped traveling-wave solutions including their velocity to the equations of motion on one-dimensional lattices which support these solutions. We apply this mapping-by definition an inverse method-to acoustic solitons in chains with nonlinear intersite interactions, nonlinear Klein-Gordon chains,(More)
The conditions for observing Fano resonances at elastic light scattering by a single finite-size obstacle are discussed. General arguments are illustrated by consideration of the scattering by a small (relative to the incident light wavelength) spherical obstacle based upon the exact Mie solution of the diffraction problem. The most attention is paid to(More)
A theoretical study of linear wave scattering by time-periodic spatially localized excitations (discrete breathers) is presented. A peculiar effect of total reflection occurs due to a Fano resonance when a localized state originating from closed channels resonates with the open channel. For the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger chain, we give an analytical(More)
We study the resonant scattering of plasmons ͑linear waves͒ by discrete breather excitations in Josephson junction ladders. We predict the existence of Fano resonances, and find them by computing the resonant vanishing of the transmission coefficient. We propose an experimental setup of detecting these resonances, and conduct numerical simulations which(More)
We study the transport of atoms across a localized Bose-Einstein condensate in a one-dimensional optical lattice. For atoms scattering off the condensate, we predict total reflection as well as full transmission for certain parameter values on the basis of an exactly solvable model. The findings of analytical and numerical calculations are interpreted by a(More)