Sergei V. Utyuzhnikov

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In multidisciplinary optimization a designer solves a problem where there are different criteria usually contradicting each other. In general, the solution of such a problem is not unique. When seeking an optimal design, it is natural to exclude from the consideration any design solution which can be improved without deterioration of any discipline and(More)
The problem of active shielding (AS) in application to hyperbolic equations is analysed. According to the problem, two domains effecting each other via distributed source terms are considered. It is required to implement additional sources nearby the common boundary of the domains in order to “isolate” one domain from the action of the other domain. It is(More)
In design and optimization problems, a solution is called robust if it is stable enough with respect to perturbation of model input parameters. In engineering design optimization, the designer may prefer a use of robust solution to a more optimal one to set a stable system design. Although in literature there is a handful of methods for obtaining such(More)
The problem of active shielding of some domains from the effect of the sources distributed in other domains is considered. The problem can be formulated either in a bounded domain or in an unbounded domain. The active shielding is realized via the implementation of additional sources in such a way that the total contribution of all sources leads to the(More)
The Difference Potential Method (DPM) [1] proved to be a very efficient tool for solving boundary value problems (BVPs) in complex regions. It allows BVPs to be reduced to a boundary equation without the knowledge of Green’s functions. The method has been successfully used for solving very different problems related to the solution of partial differential(More)
A multiobjective optimization problem is considered in a general formulation. It is well known that the solution of the problem is not unique and represented in the objective space by a Pareto frontier. In an engineering design it can be important to provide a discrete representation of the entire Pareto surface. Meanwhile, the obtaining of a single Pareto(More)
Monotone absolutely stable conservative difference schemes intended for solving quasilinear multidimensional hyperbolic equations are described. For sufficiently smooth solutions, the schemes are fourth-order accurate in each spatial direction and can be used in a wide range of local Courant numbers. The order of accuracy in time varies from the third for(More)