Sergei V. Utyuzhnikov

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The paper is devoted to the generalized wall functions of Robin–type and their application to near–wall turbulent flows. The wall functions are based on the transfer of a boundary condition from a wall to some intermediate boundary near the wall. The boundary conditions on the intermediate boundary are of Robin–type and represented in a differential form.(More)
This paper describes an active sound control methodology based on difference potentials. The main feature of this methodology is its ability to automatically preserve "wanted" sound within a domain while cancelling "unwanted" noise from outside the domain. This method of preservation of the wanted sounds by active shielding control is demonstrated with(More)
Active control of sound is one of the most fascinating areas in acoustics and aeroacoustics, which is intensively developed. A typical problem formulation in this area involves a given region of space (bounded or unbounded) to be protected from the unwanted noise by introducing special secondary sound sources called controls. The controls are usually(More)
This paper introduces a new iterative evolutionary algorithm, which is able to provide an evenly distributed set of solutions in multiobjective context. The method is different from the other evolutionary algorithms in two perspectives. First, instead of density information incorporated to find a diverse set of solutions, a hyper-cylinder is introduced as a(More)
—The problem of active shielding of some domains from the effect of the sources distributed in other domains is considered. The problem can be formulated either in a bounded domain or in an unbounded domain. The active shielding is realized via the implementation of additional sources in such a way that the total contribution of all sources leads to the(More)
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