Sergei V. Shabanov

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As a contribution to the ongoing discussion of trajectories of spinless particles in spaces with torsion we show that the geometry of such spaces can be induced by embedding their curves in a euclidean space without torsion. Technically speaking, we define the tangent (velocity) space of the embedded space imposing non-holonomic constraints upon the tangent(More)
We develop a mathematically well-defined path integral formalism for general symplectic manifolds. We argue that in order to make a path integral quantization covariant under general coordinate transformations on the phase space and involve a genuine functional measure that is both finite and countably additive, the phase space manifold should be equipped(More)
A projection (gauge) independent formulation of the monopole dominance, discovered in lattice QCD for the maximal abelian projection, is given. A new dynami-cal abelian projection of continuum QCD, which does not rely on any explicit gauge condition imposed on gauge fields, is proposed. Under the assumption that the results of numerical simulations hold in(More)
We study the problem of the existence of a local quantum scalar field theory in a general affine metric space that in the semiclassical approximation would lead to the autoparallel motion of wave packets, thus providing a deviation of the spinless particle trajectory from the geodesics in the presence of torsion. The problem is shown to be equivalent to the(More)