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The trigonometric moment problem is a classical moment problem with numerous applications in mathematics, physics, and engineering. The rational covariance extension problem is a constrained version of this problem, with the constraints arising from the physical re-alizability of the corresponding solutions. Although the maximum entropy method gives one(More)
We consider a benchmark example of a three-link planar biped walker with torso, which is actuated in between the legs. The torso is thought to be kept upright by two identical torsional springs. The mathematical model reflects a three-degree-of-freedom mechanical system with impulse effects, which describe the impacts of the swing leg with the ground, and(More)
Efficient and robust numerical methods for solving the periodic Riccati differential equation (PRDE) are addressed. Such methods are essential, for example, when deriving feedback controllers for orbital stabilization of underactuated mechanical systems. Two recently proposed methods for solving the PRDE are presented and evaluated on artificial systems and(More)
We approach a problem of motion planning and stabilization for a benchmark example, known as the “Butterfly” robot. It was proposed as a benchmark challenge for developing systematic techniques for nonprehensile rolling manipulation. A dynamical model of the underactuated system with a non-unilateral contact is derived. The recently proposed(More)
The principle 'rehabilitation starts in a resuscitation ward' has been realized in the resuscitation treatment of 34 patients with the prolonged crush syndrome (PCS) who were injured during the earthquake in Armenia. Laser therapy has been fairly effective, normalizing the external respiration function and central hemodynamics and reducing the blood(More)