Sergei V. Bukin

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Production of gaseous hydrocarbons by the microbial community of the Posolsky Bank methane seep bottom sediments (southern Baikal) was studied at 4°C. Formation of both methane and a heavier gaseous hydrocarbon, ethane, was detected in enrichment cultures. The highest methane concentrations (6.15 and 4.51 mmol L−1) were revealed in enrichments from the(More)
Massive parallel sequencing (the Roche 454 platform) of the 16S rRNA gene fragments was used to investigate microbial diversity in the sediments of the Posolsk Bank cold methane seep. Bacterial communities from all sediment horizons were found to contain members of the phyla Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Deinococcus-Thermus, Firmicutes, Nitrospirae,(More)
The ability to compare the composition and metabolic potential of microbial communities inhabiting the subsurface sediment in geographically distinct locations is one of the keys to understanding the evolution and function of the subsurface biosphere. Prospective areas for study of the subsurface biosphere are the sites of hydrocarbon discharges on the(More)
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