Sergei Tretyakov

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General relations for the stored reactive field energy density in passive linear artificial microwave materials are established. These relations account for dispersion and absorption effects in these materials, and they are valid also in the regions where the real parts of the material parameters are negative. These relations always give physically sound(More)
—In an in-band full-duplex system, radios transmit and receive simultaneously in the same frequency band at the same time, providing a radical improvement in spectral efficiency over a half-duplex system. However, in order to design such a system, it is necessary to mitigate the self-interference due to simultaneous transmission and reception, which(More)
The equivalent circuit model for artificial magnetic materials based on various arrangements of split rings is generalized by taking into account losses in the substrate or matrix material. It is shown that a modification is needed to the known macroscopic permeability function in order to correctly describe these materials. Depending on the dominating loss(More)
In this paper we consider the resonant frequency of split-ring resonators and double-bar resonators used to create artificial magnetic response at terahertz and optical frequencies. It is known that geometrical scaling of the resonant frequency of split rings breaks down at high frequencies (in the visible) due to electromagnetic properties of metals at(More)
—We present a general dyadic vector circuit formalism, applicable for uniaxial magneto-dielectric slabs, with strong spatial dispersion explicitly taken into account. This formalism extends the vector circuit theory, previously introduced only for isotropic and chiral slabs. Here we assume that the problem geometry imposes strong spatial dispersion only in(More)
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