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Modern technologies offer new opportunities for experimentalists in a variety of research areas of fluid dynamics. Improvements are now possible in the state-of-the-art in precision, dynamic range, reproducibility, motion-control accuracy, data-acquisition rate and information capacity. These improvements are required for understanding complex turbulent(More)
Invited Paper In this paper, we discuss fundamental issues underlying holo-graphic data storage: grating formation, recording and readout of thick and thin holograms, multiplexing techniques, signal-to-noise ratio considerations, and readout techniques suitable for conventional , phase conjugate, and associative search data retrieval. Next, we consider(More)
We describe the design and implementation of a high-data-rate high-capacity digital holographic storage disk system. Various system design trade-offs that affect density and data-rate performance are described and analyzed. In the demonstration system that we describe, high-density holographic recording is achieved by use of high-resolution(More)
We present a theoretical model that describes holographic ionic fixing and storage dynamics in photorefractive crystals. Holographic gratings that are based on charge redistribution inevitably decay because of ionic and electronic conduction. Relevant decay rates and transient hologram field expressions are derived. Ionic gratings are partially screened by(More)
We show that the nonlinear index perturbation due to light-induced photovoltaic space-charge field in LiNbO 3 can give rise to self-phase matching of second harmonic generation. Increase of the conversion efficiency is accompanied by formation of stationary and nonstationary patterns in the spatial structure of the generated second harmonic. The(More)
Differential diagnosis of diseases manifested with lung diffuse dissemination syndrome is very difficult. Final diagnosis is possible only after pathologic examination of specimens taken during diagnostic surgical procedures. Results of open and videothoracoscopic lung biopsy at 107 patients are analyzed. Assessment of surgical trauma was based on(More)
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