Sergei S. Orlov

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We present a coupled-mode theory of fiber-optic add-drop filters, which involve directional coupling between two fibers combined with fiber Bragg gratings defined inside the coupling region. The analysis self-consistently accounts for both the directional and the reflection coupling, and the propagation constants and structure of the supermodes of the(More)
We study experimentally and numerically the dynamics of a recently found topological phase transition for discrete quadratic solitons with linearly coupled SH waves. We find that, although no stationary states are excited in the experimental situation, the generic feature of the phase transition of the SH is preserved. By utilizing simulations of the(More)
Sr(0.59)Ba(0.41)Nb(2)O(6) and Sr(0.75)Ba(0.25)Nb(2)O(6) exhibit an intensity-dependent absorption in the visible spectral range. We perform pump (green)-probe (red) measurements and find variation as high as 0.45 cm(-1) in the absorption coefficient, which depends significantly on the polarization of the probe light beam. Our results indicate a(More)
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