Sergei Nikolaev

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The 3.2 giga-pixel LSST camera will produce approximately half a petabyte of archive images every month. These data need to be reduced in under a minute to produce real-time transient alerts, and then added to the cumulative catalog for further analysis. The catalog is expected to grow about three hundred terabytes per year. The data volume, the real-time(More)
In order to elucidate the role of proteins CLV1, CLV2, CLV3, and WUS in the mechanism underlying the maintenance of compartmental structure (spatial arrangement of the zones of biosynthesis of marker proteins) of the shoot apical meristem, a model of such mechanism was developed. Computational experiments led to biologically plausible solutions only when(More)
The effects of central administration of substance P (SP) on alcohol consumption and dopamine metabolism in the projections of the mesocorticolimbic and nigrostriatal systems of the brain were studied in chronically alcoholic rats. Rats received 15% ethanol solution for 6 months without choice. Intraventricular administration of SP (1 microg/rat) decreased(More)
316 The shoot apical meristem (SAM) is a structure that is very important for plant growth [1, 2]. The foll lowing areas are distinguished in SAM [3, 4]. (1) The central zone (CZ) consists of a tapered cell accumulaa tion where six to eight cells are found on SAM surface and one or two cells occur at a depth of three or four cells from the apex. CZ is(More)
In this paper we describe enhancements to improve the scaling of the <i>ns-3</i> simulator for large problem sizes. The <i>ns-3</i> simulator has a parallel capability however the current implementation instantiates the entire network topology on all ranks (processors). This restricts the problem sizes that could be run. We describe an approach to removing(More)
Fourier decomposition is a well established technique used in stellar pulsation. However the quality of reconstructed light curves using this method is reduced when the observed data have uneven phase coverage. We use simulated annealing techniques together with Fourier decomposition to improve the quality of the Fourier decomposition for many OGLE LMC(More)
Recent studies, using OGLE data for LMC Cepheids in the optical, strongly suggest that the period-luminosity (PL) relation for the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) Cepheids shows a break or non-linearity at a period of 10 days. In this paper we apply statistical tests, the chi-square test and the F-test, to the Cepheid data from the MACHO project to test for a(More)
The experimental data obtained to date has provided grounds for certain concepts of stem cell niche regulation in shoot apical meristem (SAM). Mathematical modeling is used to check their consistency and coherence with the experimental data. In this paper, we summarize mathematical models of stem cell niche structure regulation proposed by different(More)