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BACKGROUND Decreased expression of cardiac myosin binding protein C (cMyBPC) in the heart has been implicated as a consequence of mutations in cMyBPC that lead to abnormal contractile function at the myofilament level, thereby contributing to the development of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in humans. It has not been established whether increasing the levels(More)
In order to understand the role of plasma proteins in the rapid liver clearance of dextran-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) in vivo, we analyzed the full repertoire of SPIO-binding blood proteins using novel two-dimensional differential mass spectrometry approach. The identified proteins showed specificity for surface domains of the nanoparticles:(More)
  • Jan Slovák, D V Alekseevsky, +20 authors Hannah Foreman
  • 2016
DESCRIPTION. Differential Geometry and its Applications publishes original research papers and survey papers in differential geometry and in all interdisciplinary areas in mathematics which use differential geometric methods and investigate geometrical structures. The following main areas are covered: differential equations on manifolds, global analysis,(More)
[1] Measurements of temperature, water vapor, total water, ozone, and cloud properties were made above the western equatorial Indian Ocean in February and March 1999. The cold-point tropopause was at a mean pressure-altitude of 17 km, equivalent to a potential temperature of 380 K, and had a mean temperature of 190 K. Total water mixing ratios at the(More)
The real form Spin(6, H) ⊂ End(R 32) of Spin(12, C) ⊂ End(C 32) is absolutely irreducible and thus satisfies the algebraic identities (40) and (41). Therefore, it also occurs as an exotic holonomy and the associated super-manifold M g admits a SUSY-invariant polynomial. This real form has been erraneously omitted in our paper. Also, the two real(More)
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