Sergei Merkulov

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In order to understand the role of plasma proteins in the rapid liver clearance of dextran-coated superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) in vivo, we analyzed the full repertoire of SPIO-binding blood proteins using novel two-dimensional differential mass spectrometry approach. The identified proteins showed specificity for surface domains of the nanoparticles:(More)
The real form Spin(6, H) ⊂ End(R 32) of Spin(12, C) ⊂ End(C 32) is absolutely irreducible and thus satisfies the algebraic identities (40) and (41). Therefore, it also occurs as an exotic holonomy and the associated super-manifold M g admits a SUSY-invariant polynomial. This real form has been erraneously omitted in our paper. Also, the two real(More)
In this paper and its follow-up [32], we study the deformation theory of morphisms of properads and props thereby extending Quillen's deformation theory for commutative rings to a non-linear framework. The associated chain complex is endowed with an L y-algebra structure. Its Maurer-Cartan elements correspond to deformed structures , which allows us to give(More)
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