Sergei Matveev

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295 arXiv version: fonts, pagination and layout may vary from GTM published version Roots in 3–manifold topology C HOG-ANGELONI S MATVEEV Let C be some class of objects equipped with a set of simplifying moves. When we apply these to a given object M ∈ C as long as possible, we get a root of M. Our main result is that under certain conditions the root of(More)
CONTENTS Let M and P be Seifert 3-manifolds. Is there a degree one map 1. Introduction f : M-> P ? The problem was completely solved by Hayat-2. A Bit of Theory Legrand, Wang, and Zieschang for all cases except when P is the 3. How to Calculate the Boundary Cycle Poincare homology sphere. We investigate the remaining case 4. How to Calculate the(More)
Gauss diagram formulas are extensively used to study Vassiliev link invariants. Now we apply this approach to invariants of 3-manifolds, considering a manifold as a result M L of surgery on a framed link L in S 3. We study the lowest degree case – the celebrated Casson-Walker invariant λw of rational homology spheres. This paper is dedicated to a detailed(More)