Sergei M Pimenov

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Ohmic contact formation at the interface of the Au nanoparticle (NP)-ZnO nanosheet (NS), which facilitates photoelectron transfer from ZnO NSs to Au NPs, is determined by scanning Kelvin microscopy for the first time. Reduction of charge recombination in the ZnO NSs confirmed by the quench of green band emission results in the enhancement of photocatalytic(More)
In this paper we report the fabrication and testing of diode-type low-voltage field emission display (FED) devices with SiC-nanowire-based cathodes. The SiC-nanowire FEDs (flat vacuum lamps) were characterized by low emission threshold fields (∼2 V µm(-1)), high current density and stable long-term performance. The analysis of field emission data evidenced(More)
Results are presented on a complex study of field electron emission (FEE) and structural correlations for nanocrystalline diamond and nitride films. It was found that all the samples studied showed similar dependences of the Fowler-Nordheim work function and effective emitting area on the threshold emission field. Besides it was generally observed that FEE(More)
The same actions resulted in formation of nanocavities in highly-oriented pyrographite (HOPG), suggesting the anodization to be responsible for removing the uppermost surface layers from the substrate [1]. A more complex behavior was observed for amorphous carbon materials. Both graphite-like [2] and well-conducting diamond-like carbon (DLC) films [3](More)
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