Sergei Kovalev

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We consider a simple description of the incidence matrix of a projective plane over the field GF(q), using multiplication and addition tables of the finite field. Some basic properties of LDPC codes derived from such incidence matrices are discussed. Further, a class of LDPC codes of paper [1], derived from Reed-Solomon (RS) codes with two information(More)
Ultrashort flashes of THz light with low photon energies of a few meV, but strong electric or magnetic field transients have recently been employed to prepare various fascinating nonequilibrium states in matter. Here we present a new class of sources based on superradiant enhancement of radiation from relativistic electron bunches in a compact electron(More)
Understanding dynamics on ultrafast timescales enables unique and new insights into important processes in the materials and life sciences. In this respect, the fundamental pump-probe approach based on ultra-short photon pulses aims at the creation of stroboscopic movies. Performing such experiments at one of the many recently established accelerator-based(More)
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