Sergei Izmalkov

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Secure computation essentially guarantees that whatever computation n players can do with the help of a trusted party, they can also do by themselves. Fundamentally, however, this notion depends on the honesty of at least some players. We put forward and implement a stronger notion, rational secure computation, that does not depend on player honesty, but(More)
This paper characterizes the revenue maximizing allocation mechanism for a risk neutral seller that ownsN, possibly heterogeneous, objects and faces I risk neutral buyers. Buyers’ payoffs depend on the entire allocation of objects, on their type, and on the types of all other buyers. Types are independently distributed. The formulation allows for(More)
We put forward the notion of a verifiably secure device, in essence a stronger notion of secure computation, and achieve it in the ballot-box model. Verifiably secure devices 1. Provide a perfect solution to the problem of achieving correlated equilibrium, an important and extensively investigated problem at the intersection of game theory, cryptography and(More)
Privacy and trust affect our strategic thinking, yet they have not been precisely modeled in mechanism design. In settings of incomplete information, traditional implementations of a normal-form mechanism —by disregarding the players’ privacy, or assuming trust in a mediator— may fail to reach the mechanism’s objectives. We thus investigate implementations(More)
A single object is for sale to N asymmetric buyers in the independent private values setting by means of an English auction. We consider implications of seller’s active participation in the bidding process, or shill bidding. The main result is that there exists an equilibrium of the English auction with shill bidding that is outcome equivalent to the(More)
We consider the problem of a monopolist seller who is selling a good to a potential buyer and is privately informed about some of the good’s attributes. We focus on the case where goods with di¤erent attributes are horizontally di¤erentiated: they appeal di¤erently to di¤erent types of the buyer. Such a market is represented via a standard Hotelling (1929)(More)
Mass deportations and killings of Ottoman Armenians during WWI and the Greek-Turkish population exchange after the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922 were the two major events of the early 20th century that permanently changed the ethno-religious landscape of Anatolia. These events marked the end of centuries-long coexistence of the Muslim populations with the(More)