Sergei Golovanov

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BACKGROUND Sexual concurrency is associated with higher prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including HIV. However, most studies have focused only on the concurrency of the individual participant (individual concurrency) and not on concurrency of their sexual partners (partner concurrency). Furthermore, limited concurrency information is(More)
We conducted a cross-sectional study to determine whether the time between two consecutive sexual partnerships (gap) is associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in Russia. A self-administered questionnaire was administered to STI clinic patients in St. Petersburg and participant's STI data at the time of enrollment in the study was collected(More)
Acute urine retention is a frequent complication in patients with benign hyperplasia of the prostate gland. According to studies made on experimental animals and people, it is accompanied by the deterioration of the bladder blood supply. This study attempts to explore the relationship of intramural blood flow, production of reactive oxygen species, and(More)
Investigations initiated in the Research Urological Institute headed by professor N. A. Lopatkin in 1984 on development of an original Russian lithotriptor URAT-II were successfully finished in 1987. Since that time the design has been advanced. The investigators plan to introduce a novel polyfunctional lithotriptor ARKO-LIT with double guidance system and(More)
The paper comparatively analyzes the effect of the mineral water "Penta" on the biochemical parameters of blood and urine, which characterize the functional activity of renal metabolic processes. A group comprising 10 examinees without renal disease took water by the routine mineral water scheme for 4 days. Comparison of the biochemical parameters before(More)
The technique of electrovaporization, a novel low-traumatic method, has been practiced in the Research Institute of Urology (Moscow) for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) since 1995. This technique is based on the standard transurethral resection (TUR) being superior in the absence of intraoperative bleeding. Its application, however, is(More)
Continuous 40-min ischemia and ischemia with reperfusion (10 min of ischemia and 10 min of reperfusion) induced by ligation of the vascular kidney crus were compared in experiments on 17 New Zealand rabbits. Both in continuous and interrupted (in period 4) ischemia resulted in the growth of pO2 cortical layer which is likely to be due to reduced oxygen(More)
The changes of kidney metabolism, function and enzymuria activity of nephron epithelium cells after 4 days of parenteral administration of sodium hypochlorite 0.02% and 0.06% solutions were investigated in the experiments on 15 intact non-inbred rats of 200-280 g body weight. It was revealed that sodium hypochlorite induced metabolic damage to the kidney(More)
Natural low-mineralized hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium mineral water (total mineralization 2 g/l) in bottles has been examined for therapeutic effects on metabolism in urolithiasis patients. The complex of biochemical blood and urine indices indicative of the renal function and concentration of lithogenic components was studied in 52 patients (age 23-68(More)