Sergei E. Esipov

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Proteus mirabilis colonies exhibit striking geometric regularity. Basic microbiological methods and imaging techniques were used to measure periodic macroscopic events in swarm colony morphogenesis. We distinguished three initial phases (lag phase, first swarming phase, and first consolidation phase) followed by repeating cycles of subsequent swarming plus(More)
The kinetic energy distribution function satisfying the Boltzmann equation is studied analytically and numerically for a system of inelastic hard spheres in the case of binary collisions. Analytically, this function is shown to have a similarity form in the simple cases of uniform or steady-state ows. This determines the region of validity of hydrodynamic(More)
We analize the properties of dense granular systems by assuming a hydrodynamical description , based on conservation laws for the particle number density and linear momentum. We combine analytical methods and experimental and numerical results obtained by ensemble-averaging of data on creep during compaction and molecular dynamics simulations of convective(More)
The properties of dense granular systems are analyzed from a hydrodynamical point of view, based on conservation laws for the particle number density and linear momentum. We discuss averaging problems associated with the nature of such systems and the peculiarities of the sources of noise. We perform a quantitative study by combining analytical methods and(More)
Southern Finance Association for various helpful comments and discussions. We are especially thankful for the encouraging business environment provided by Richard Timbrell, and our colleagues at Centre Group. This version has been made possible due to the encouraging attention of our former colleague, Donald Mango, currently with American Re. Donald not(More)
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