Sergei Devadze

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In this paper, a new very fast fault simulation method to handle the X-fault model is proposed. The method is based on a two-phase procedure. In the first phase, a parallel exact critical path fault tracing is used to determine all the detected stuck-at faults in the circuit, and in the second phase a postprocess is launched which will determine the(More)
A new improved method for calculation of fault coverage with parallel fault backtracing in combinational circuits is proposed. The method is based on structurally synthesized BDDs (SSBDD) which represent gate-level circuits at higher, macro level where macros represent subnetworks of gates. A topological analysis is carried out to generate an efficient(More)
Current paper proposes an efficient alternative for traditional gate-level fault simulation. The authors explain how Structurally Synthesized Binary Decision Diagrams (SSBDD) can be used for representation, simulation and fault modeling of digital circuits. It is shown how the first phase of any fault simulation algorithm: the fault-free simulation can be(More)