Sergei B. Gulin

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Recent changes of carbonate deposition were traced in a Black Sea sediment core taken in the western abyssal basin. The sediments were dated from a vertical profile of excess 210Pb. The 210Pb geochronology corresponded well to the 137Cs fallout record. A 20-year cyclic variability of carbon deposition has been traced in the dated sediments and has been(More)
Sector field ICP-MS has been used to determine 239+240 Pu activity and 240 Pu/ 239 Pu atom ratio profiles in a sediment core obtained in 1997 from the Danube Delta region of the Black Sea. The 239+240 Pu activity profile reveals the presence of a 1963 stratospheric fallout peak, along with two more recent peaks stemming from fluvial transport of Chernobyl(More)
The latitudinal distribution of (137)Cs in the Atlantic--western Antarctic surface waters was studied during the 7th Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition in January--May 2002. The (137)Cs concentrations have also been measured in the upper ice of the coastal glacier Woozle Hill located near the Ukrainian Antarctic station "Akademik Vernadsky" (western Antarctica,(More)
Review is devoted to the analysis of a radioecological situation in the North-western Black Sea and concerns the levels of contamination of the components of an ecosystem by the main artificial radioactive isotopes ((90)Sr, (137)Cs, (239,240)Pu). The long-term accumulation trends of these radionuclides were analyzed in components of the Black Sea ecosystem(More)
An approach to estimate the rate of biogenic sedimentation in the Black Sea using the naturally occurring radionuclide (40)K has been considered. It allows assessment of the contribution of suspended matter of biological origin to the overall sediment accumulation in the Black Sea coastal, shelf and deep-water areas. Based upon this method, a relationship(More)
Hydroacoustic techniques were used for detection and mapping of gas jet areas in the coastal regions of the Crimean Peninsula. Gas jet areas in the bays Laspi, Khersones, and Kazach’ya were chosen for detailed microbiological investigation. The first type of gas jets, observed in the Laspi Bay, was probably associated with discharge of deep thermogenic(More)
The recent radionuclide measurements have showed that concentrations of the Chernobyl-derived (137)Cs and (90)Sr in the surface Black Sea waters are still relatively high, reaching 56 and 32 Bq m(-3), respectively. This is comparable or even exceeds the pre-Chernobyl levels (∼16 Bq (137)Cs and 22 Bq (90)Sr per m(3) as the basin-wide average values). The(More)
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