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Of the simple diatomic molecules, oxygen is the only one to carry a magnetic moment. This makes solid oxygen particularly interesting: it is considered a 'spin-controlled' crystal that displays unusual magnetic order. At very high pressures, solid oxygen changes from an insulating to a metallic state; at very low temperatures, it even transforms to a(More)
Experimental evidences are presented showing unusually large and highly anisotropic vibrations in the "simple cubic" (SC) unit cell adopted by calcium over a broad pressure ranging from 30-90 GPa and at temperature as low as 40 K. X-ray diffraction patterns show a preferential broadening of the (110) Bragg reflection indicating that the atomic displacements(More)
abStract Based on systematic ab initio exploration, we reported last year that two new interlayer translations for kaolinite, –a/3 and (a+b)/3, allowed a new family of kaolin polytypes under moderate pressure. Both translations place each silicon atom of a kaolin layer on top of a hydroxyl group from the kaolin layer below, resulting in a triangular(More)
Contrary to the empirical Miedema and Hume-Rothery rules and a recent theoretical prediction, we report experimental evidence on the formation of Li-Cs alloys at very low pressure (>0.1 GPa). We also succeeded in synthesizing a pure nonstoichiometric and ordered crystalline phase from an approximately equimolar mixture and resolved its structure using the(More)
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