Serge Vincent

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The presence of the iron-binding protein lactoferrin (Lf) in some specific areas of the central nervous system and particularly in the normal human substantia nigra, where it is found in dopaminergic (DA) neurons and some glial cells, led us to investigate Lf synthesis in this area. Lf mRNA were identified using in situ hybridization and found in small(More)
We report a case of a cerebellar large-cell medulloblastoma in a 12-year-old patient. Despite a gross-total resection followed by a radiation therapy and then a chemotherapy, the death occurred 6 months later. The cyogenetic analysis showed an isochromosome 17q. Immunoreactivity for synaptophysin, neurofilaments, chromogranin and arrestin-like proteins was(More)
The hypothesis that tumor growth is angiogenesis dependent has been documented by a considerable body of direct and indirect experimental data. A prerequisite for the development of novel anti-angiogenic agents is the design of drugs that would be active only on those endothelial cells with an angiogenic phenotype. We took advantage of the anti-idiotypic(More)
In France, organization of the cytopathology seems to be quite different from that specifically regulated in the USA and in some other European countries. The aim of this article is to underline these specificities and to describe the solutions we advocate concerning new technologies, teaching, quality assurance, national guidelines em leader, to make our(More)
A collection of 28 medulloblastomas was analyzed for expression of the developmental control genes PAX-6 and EN by immunohistochemical staining. Sixteen medulloblastomas expressed both EN and PAX-6 but, when differentiation could be assessed in the positive areas, PAX-6 is expressed in the less differentiated cells. Since Drosophila en encodes a negative(More)
This report concerns a 3-month-old boy where neuroimaging examination showed a large, well-circumscribed, mildly heterogeneous tumor arising in the left ventricle. Pathological findings were compatible with a medulloepithelioma. A survey of published cases of medulloepitheliomas showed this tumor to be highly malignant, possibly displaying the entire range(More)
May-Grünwald-Giemsa (MGG) stain is a Romanowsky-type, polychromatic stain as those of Giemsa, Leishman and Wright. Apart being the reference method of haematology, it has become a routine stain of diagnostic cytopathology for the study of air-dried preparations (lymph node imprints, centrifuged body fluids and fine needle aspirations). In the context of(More)
The 2001 Bethesda System is a uniform system of terminology for reporting results of pap smears. It is acknowledged by most cytopathologists worldwide as a standard for cervical cytology reports. In France, several national surveys have confirmed its current utilization. However, more specific analysis have shown that the Bethesda System may be routinely(More)