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N-([(R,S)-2-benzyl-3[(S)(2-amino-4-methylthio)butyl dithio]-1-oxopropyl)-L-phenylalanine benzyl ester (RB101) is the first systemically active prodrug generating through a biologically dependent(More)
In the treatment of cardiovascular disease, it could be of therapeutic interest to associate the hypotensive effects due to the inhibition of angiotensin II formation with the diuretic and(More)
The potent analgesic responses elicited by systemic administration of RB101, N-[(R,S)-2-benzyl-3[(S)(2-amino-4-methylthio)butyldithio]-1-oxopro pyl]- 1-oxopropyl]-L-phenylalanine benzyl ester, a(More)