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In enclosure experiments in the littoral zone of Lake Constance, Germany, juvenile cyprinids showed significantly reduced somatic growth in the shallow eulittoral zone (0Á5 m depth) compared to the sublittoral zone (1Á6 m depth). Growth was especially reduced in larger and more deep-bodied fish groups, providing evidence that this is due to increased(More)
Total length, body mass and gut content mass of young-of-the-year (YOY) perch Perca fluviatilis, dace Leuciscus leuciscus and bleak Alburnus alburnus were recorded over the summer of 2006 at three littoral sites at Upper Lake Constance. In P. fluviatilis and L. leuciscus, gut content mass correlated positively with wave-induced energy flux (E(F)) of the(More)
Monte Carlo simulations are used to get an insight into the formation of fractal aggregates from diluted to concentrated colloidal particle dispersions. Using irreversible conditions, we investigate the aggregation size distribution, architecture of the resulting fractal aggregates, possible transitions from simple aggregation to percolation and from(More)
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