Serge Smidtas

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The Sweet-Home project aims at providing audio-based interaction technology that lets the user have full control over their home environment, at detecting distress situations and at easing the social inclusion of the elderly and frail population. This paper presents an overview of the project focusing on the multimodal sound corpus acquisition and labelling(More)
BACKGROUND Genome-scale metabolic models are powerful tools to study global properties of metabolic networks. They provide a way to integrate various types of biological information in a single framework, providing a structured representation of available knowledge on the metabolism of the respective species. RESULTS We reconstructed a constraint-based(More)
In the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, the interplay between galactose, Gal3p, Gal80p and Gal4p determines the transcriptional status of the genes required for galactose utilization. After an increase in galactose concentration, galactose molecules bind onto Gal3p. This event leads via Gal80p to the activation of Gal4p, which then induces GAL3 and GAL80(More)
SUMMARY CycSim is a web application dedicated to in silico experiments with genome-scale metabolic models coupled to the exploration of knowledge from BioCyc and KEGG. Specifically, CycSim supports the design of knockout experiments: simulation of growth phenotypes of single or multiple gene deletions mutants on specified media, comparison of these(More)
UNLABELLED Cyclone aims at facilitating the use of BioCyc, a collection of Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs). Cyclone provides a fully extensible Java Object API to analyze and visualize these data. Cyclone can read and write PGDBs, and can write its own data in the CycloneML format. This format is automatically generated from the BioCyc ontology by Cyclone(More)
Human activity and environment produces sounds such as, at home, the noise produced by water, cough, or television. These sounds can be used to determine the activity in the environment. The objective is to monitor a person's activity or determine his environment using a single low cost microphone by sound analysis. The purpose is to adapt programs to the(More)
de réseaux d'interactions biologiques hétérogènes (RIBH) appliqué à la Levure. Modélisation et analyse, globale et locale, de Réseaux d'Interactions Biologiques Hétérogènes (RIBH) appliqué à la Levure. Introduction La biologie moléculaire a conduit à une bonne connaissance des détails des mécanismes moléculaires dans les organismes. Récemment, la(More)
An analysis of heterogeneous biological networks based on randomizations that preserve the structure of component subgraphs is introduced and applied to the yeast protein-protein interaction and transcriptional regulation interaction network. Shuffling this network, under the constraint that the transcriptional and protein-protein interaction subgraphs are(More)
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