Serge Rudaz

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Evaluation of a potential risk of metabolic drug-drug interactions (DDI) is of high importance in the clinical setting. In this study, a physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) model was developed for oxycodone and its two primary metabolites, oxymorphone and noroxycodone, in order to assess different DDI scenarios using published in vitro and in vivo(More)
PURPOSE Pharmacologic modulation of wound healing after glaucoma filtering surgery remains a major clinical challenge in ophthalmology. Poly(ortho ester) (POE) is a bioerodible and biocompatible viscous polymer potentially useful as a sustained drug delivery system that allows the frequency of intraocular injections to be reduced. The purpose of this study(More)
Significant quantities of antibiotics are used in all parts of the globe to treat diseases with bacterial origins. After ingestion, antibiotics are excreted by the patient and transmitted in due course to the aquatic environment. This study examined temporal fluctuations (monthly time scale) in antibiotic sources (ambulatory sales and data from a hospital(More)
  • J Ellis, M K Gaillard, D V Nanopoulos, S Rudaz, Geneva Cern
  • 2002
The observation of 39(9.5) suggests that the-onium of at least one new quark has been discovered. We discuss the production and decays of the lowest-lying vector states. Recent observations have no indications of right-handed currents in antineutrino-nucleon scattering. We discuss the properties of new states made of t (charge = 3) or b (charge =-~) quarks(More)
Multiple factors act simultaneously on plants to establish complex interaction networks involving nutrients, elicitors and metabolites. Metabolomics offers a better understanding of complex biological systems, but evaluating the simultaneous impact of different parameters on metabolic pathways that have many components is a challenging task. We therefore(More)
Recent approaches in natural product (NP) research are leading toward the discovery of bioactive chemical entities at the microgram level. In comparison to classical large scale bioassay-guided fractionation, the use of LC-MS metabolite profiling in combination with microfractionation for both bioactivity profiling and NMR analysis, allows the(More)
Superconductors are the only experimentally accessible systems with spontaneously broken gauge symmetries which support topologically nontrivial defects, namely string defects. We propose two experiments whose aim is the observation of the dense network of these strings thought to arise, via the Kibble mechanism, in the course of a spontaneous symmetry(More)
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