Serge Pelletier

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People sharing a living space in Québec City chose to do so to take advantage of various practical advantages. However, this way of life is far from perfect. Indeed, the lodger's need for privacy is an aspect of shared accommodation that can be very hard to reconcile with the needs of the other roommates. Based on our user research, we were able to(More)
This exploratory study compared three student groups (n = 221)--college student nurses, hospital student nurses and student teachers--in terms of their smoking behaviour, factors influencing smoking and their beliefs and values. More student nurses, both hospital and college students, smoked than student teachers while more hospital student nurses were(More)
Despite advances in surveillance technologies, security and command and control (C2) centers still rely strongly on human operators to detect critical events. Human factors-such as cognitive workload and limited attentional capacity-have been shown to affect operators' ability to detect critical incidents. The current standard surveillance environment(More)
Within health care systems, rapid and pervasive technological development is occurring with significant ramifications for both nurses and patients. In order to determine the patient's perception of the experience of clinical equipment at the bedside, an exploratory study of 150 hospitalized patients was undertaken. For this study an item of electronic(More)
A tool to measure clinical performance was required by a college-based programme for undergraduate nursing students. Multiple tools currently exist, but after extensive literature review the researchers decided that no tool exactly fitted the requirements of this nursing course. The tool developed by Bondy (1983) was most aligned to our purposes and was(More)
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